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Behind every successful automation there is an algorithm.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has introduced novel and exhilarating possibilities, breaking down boundaries of technology, as well as challenging our belief systems. There are innumerable instances where automation powered by AI and algorithms has made a huge impact on the way we work, create, and deliver value to our end users and customers. Gartner's Research on Algorithmic retailing has some unique use cases that illustrate these points.

At Quinnox, we believe that every challenge is new, including the challenges presented by AI. And we believe the best way to solve each one starts with understanding the big picture. Our team of bright and dynamic individuals work as a cohesive unit, and don't shy away from finding answers. Through relevant technology placements, our people are dedicated and trained to do everything possible to make life easier for everyone… which, of course, is also the focus of AI.

Explore Gartner insights on AI and algorithms here – as well as our perspectives – to help demystify the automation landscape.

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Ravi Sundaram
Vice President, Strategic Solutions Technology and Consulting Group

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Algorithms in everyday business